Global Ministry Partners Needed to Evangelize the Unreached

According to the Joshua Project, 42.2% of the world’s population is still considered “unreached”—having little or no access to the gospel. This fact is astonishing considering the developments over the past 100 years in communication, travel, and technology. However, we possess the ability to change these statistics and to bring Christ to those lost in darkness!

To bring forth an end-time harvest from all ethne, the church must be mobilized with an holistic approach to utilize the gifting and skills of every member. When individual Christians take ownership of the Great Commission, unrealized potential is released and the impossible becomes possible! 

In 1996, God gave me a vision to “Mobilize the Reached to Evangelize the Unreached”. For the last 24 years this has been fulfilled as I have served as a missionary to the Centre of International Christian Ministries in London, England, a non-residential missionary to Turkey, the director of People to People Ministries, and the director of IPHC TEAMS Ministries. These ministry roles have provided unique opportunities to teach, train and mobilize the body of Christ around the world. They have also given me invaluable insights in Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist evangelism, micro-businesses, and community development.

In this season, God is now calling me to a renewed focus on evangelizing the “unreached” and bringing closure to the Great Commission. This will be accomplished through equipping, empowering and mobilizing the global church to reach those that have never heard!

Equipping: to provide strategic missions training for local churches, ministry networks, and universities to become more focused and intentional in reaching the lost.

Empowering: to empower the global church with resources, relationships, and professional insight to impact their communities and surrounding regions.

Mobilizing: to challenge every individual to take ownership of missions and be mobilized for the end-time harvest.

In order to fulfill this God-given vision, we need Global Ministry Partners to pray, to give, and to accompany us on the journey ahead! 

The task is vast, but the possibilities are eternal for those that hear! 

Will you become a GLOBAL MINISTRY PARTNER by giving $30/month and help us share the gospel with those that have never heard?

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