The Mission

Matt’s vision to “Mobilize the Reached to Evangelize the Unreached” is fulfilled through:


To provide strategic missions training for local churches, ministry networks, and universities to become more focused and intentional in reaching the lost.

Teachings include:

  • Missions and the Global Need
  • Communicating Christ Cross-culturally
  • Sharing Christ in a Muslim Context
  • A Christ-centered Approach to Alleviating Extreme Poverty


To empower the global church with resources, relationships, and professional insight to impact their communities and surrounding regions.
  • Establishing micro-businesses to fuel mission
  • Building global connections to create missional synergy
  • Providing viable solutions for long-term community development


To challenge every individual to take ownership of missions and be engaged by responding in love to the needs of a hurting world.
  • Promoting prayer and intercession for the unengaged peoples
  • Creating opportunities for skilled professionals
  • Organizing ministry teams
  • Facilitating giving to strategic initiatives