Since 1993, Matt and Janese Bennett have been committed to “Mobilize the Reached to Evangelize the Unreached.” After beginning their ministry in London, England, and the Middle East, their vision has taken them to over 50 nations teaching, training, and mobilizing the body of Christ to complete the Great Commission.

Matt Bennett’s expertise in the Muslim world, micro-businesses, and community development uniquely positions him to equip and empower the church to engage the end-time harvest. He holds an M. A. in Missiology from Regent University and serves as president of SpiritLife Ministries International.

Matt’s firm belief in empowering leaders through entrepreneurship is evident in his life as he engages the marketplace through real estate with Sage Sotheby’s International Realty in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Matt is available to equip, empower and mobilize your local church, missions organization, or ministry network to be strategic and intentional in your missional endeavors.

The Mission

Matt’s vision to “Mobilize the Reached to Evangelize the Unreached” is fulfilled through:


To provide strategic missions training for local churches, ministry networks, and universities to become more focused and intentional in reaching the lost.

Teachings include:

  • Missions and the Global Need
  • Communicating Christ Cross-culturally
  • Sharing Christ in a Muslim Context
  • A Christ-centered Approach to Alleviating Extreme Poverty


To empower the global church with resources, relationships, and professional insight to impact their communities and surrounding regions.
  • Establishing micro-businesses to fuel mission
  • Building global connections to create missional synergy
  • Providing viable solutions for long-term community development


To challenge every individual to take ownership of missions and be engaged by responding in love to the needs of a hurting world.
  • Promoting prayer and intercession for the unengaged peoples
  • Creating opportunities for skilled professionals
  • Organizing ministry teams
  • Facilitating giving to strategic initiatives


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